• Queren King-Orozco

say hi to new beginnings

New beginnings are always filled with change. They're exciting and unfamiliar and I'm pushing myself to be present, and the best way to do so is by capturing our days and our lives in a more official way... I think my later self will appreciate this. I have always wanted to have a place where I can fill the pages and share the things I love, that spark my creativity. I’ve tried it before and gave up, the only difference now is my maturity. It has been a weird place lately. Mostly because we've had change, after change...and who hasn't these days?

I find that Instagram no longer belongs to me, but it belongs to everyone and I belong to it, and it pulls me into a thousand directions. I thought the old blog method could be therapeutic and perhaps result into a more defined space for me, if not anyone else. This is a place where you can find my genuine thoughts and a place to share some of the knowledge I carry from gardening, country living, motherhood and more.

We set out to live on a homestead in 2017, which taught me so much about myself. The ugly truth and the beautiful world I am capable of creating if I just let go of all the expectations and self critique. Now we find ourselves in a new home, also a homestead and while a lot is similar, this feels like a place that will be a home long-term, and that is exciting. I haven't had these feelings before, except maybe when I fell in love and got married!

Cheers to new beginnings.



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